About School

Kapadwanj Kelvani Mandal has been the torch bearer of Educational development in and around Kapadwanj town and the areas in its vicinity. After having successfully established, nurtured and developed various educational institutions, the Kapadwanj Kelvani Mandal pondered deeply over-setting up of an English Medium School in Kapadwanj. It was a long felt need and the concept assumed concrete shape when its visionary, the President Late Shri D. C. Gandhi, motivated and extended his helping hand.

We made a modest beginning with a playgroup and junior Kindergarten units in the improvised premises, the “Rangmanch” of C.N.Vidhayalaya.The dream became a reality owing to generous donation from late Shri D. C. Gandhi and his family. The primary school building named Smt. C. D. Gandhi Eng. Med. Primary School came up as a fountain head of education. Beginning from Class 1(one) it has achieved two mile stones. The first was the primary school up to 7th standard and the second was setting up of Smt. Chandraben D. Gandhi Eng. Med. Secondary School. All this could be accomplished within the period of a decade, i.e. from 2002 to 2012.

In the infant stage it was nursed and cared with enthusiasm and devotion of Shri H.T.Patel, a retired Principal of Shri M. P. Sheth Municipal High School and a young dedicated team of female teachers viz. Ms. Sushma Sharma, Mrs. Vibha Prasad and Ms. Mittal Pandya (lovingly called ‘Dolly’). Dr.H.H.Kundalia has been actively participating and overseeing in the functioning of the school right from its inception. At present the school can rightfully claim to have committed, devoted and efficient teachers. The school envisages the growth of every student into an intelligent, responsible and productive global citizen.