• Admission Criteria
    • Application for admission to the school shall be made by the parents or guardians in person within the period notified by the school authorities. No admission shall be made on the strength of a leaving certificate from an unrecognized school.

  • Admission Procedure
    • If student is new comer than he/she has to fill up the admission form and if not than all student has to pay the fees for their registration. All students and their parents has to follow the guidlines mention and described in the admission form.

  • Admission Form
  • School Timings
    • Primary & Secondary Section:
      Monday to Friday: 07:30 a.m. to 01:00 p.m.
      Saturday: 07:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

      Note:Students must reach school on time.Puntuality is essential for both the students and his / her parents.

  • Rules And Regulation
    • This school belives that a student's character and personality is moulded through discipline. Therefore , this code of conduct is formulated to inclulcate in him / her a sense of responsibility , respect for rules and regulations and make him / her aware of his / her duties as a student. To facilitate smooth administration , students must abide by the following rules.

      • Students are expected to maintain proper hygiene i.e. have trimmed and clean nails , wear fresh clean clothes and carry a handkerchief at all times. Girls with long hair must have their hair tied up nearly in two plaits. Hair styles , ornamental clips , hairbands and heavy ornamentas are not allowed.
      • Shoes should be well polished and uniforms well ironed to ensure a smart , well-groomed turnout.
      • Failure to comply with dress regulations may result in the student being sent home after two warmings. He / She will then be marked absent.

      • Good manners , courtesy and politeness being the hallmark of a good student , he / she is expected to greet all staff members , visitors and elders showing due respect at all times.
      • Misuse of school property , scribbling on walls , furniture , bulletine boards , toilet walls etc. will be severely dealt with. Breakage of any kind are subject to fine and / or payment for replacement / repairs.
      • The school premises must be kept neat and clean . Litter of any kind must be thrown in dustbins.
      • Smt. Chandraben D. Gandhi Primary and Secondary School is an English Medium school. Students must converse in English during school hours.

      3. GENERAL :
      • Students should reach the school 5 minutes before the bell rings. Late comers wil be marked PL (Present but Late) . For three consecutive PLs , strict action will be taken.
      • Students are required to attend all classes as scheduled in the respective class time table.
      • The school will not be responsible for any unforseen mishap beyond its control. Moreover , the school will not be responsible for accidents in or outside the school premises. However , the school authorities try their best to protect the students and keep the premises safe.
      • It is advisable to pay the fees for the full year at a time but if you want to pay in two installments , you will have to put forth an application in written.
      • Fees once paid will not be refunded in any circumstances.